The Law of @iamdiddy


The Law of Diddy : confidence and charisma can get you places that talent or circumstance wouldn’t otherwise allow.

Our lives are so often defined by single moments. For me, there are several obvious defining moments: my mom getting sick, moving to NYC, getting married. Among these obvious moments, sits something that, albeit not as significant as the other moments I mentioned, changed my life none-the-less. Like many “nerds”, high school was an awkward time for me. No matter how down I was feeling, there was one person I could always count on to be there for me… David Letterman.  As a result of my Letterman obsession, I ended up watching lots of interviews with celebrities I wouldn’t of otherwise cared about. On one faithful night, that celebrity was Sean Combs a.k.a. Diddy.

It’s the Jeans

I’m not sure what Diddy (or as he was still known then, Puff Daddy) was on the show promoting, but I remember that the exchange he had with Dave was immediately entertaining. At some point in their conversation something happened that changed my life forever. Diddy was talking about his clothing line, Sean John, and stood up to show off the pair of Sean John jeans he was wearing. In typical Dave fashion, he immediately commented that they’re just regular jeans and how in the world can Diddy claim they’re anything special. Though I don’t remember Diddy’s exact response, it was along the lines of “In America, you can put your name on something and make it your own. These are my jeans.” Ok, it sounds stupid but it really stuck with me. Diddy was building a career around his confidence and charisma… and people were buying it! This is when I began formulating “The Law of Diddy”. The idea that confidence and charisma can get you places that talent and circumstance wouldn’t otherwise allow.

Can’t Nobody Hold Me Down

I just finished on Nelson George’s wonderful book, Hip Hop America. In it he spends a good amount of time talking about Sean Combs’ career. He really summarizes it best when he says, “[W]ho could doubt Sean Combs… a man in his early 30s, who’d already reinvented himself several times. I mean, I wasn’t sitting in front of just any MC, but a new jack impresario who was also an old school entrepreneur. Not only would his Sean John clothing line gross millions in 2004 but, while Combs was still on Broadway, he would be named men’s wear designer of the year by the Council of Fashion Designers.” Hearing Diddy’s story makes you realize that there’s much more there than just confidence and charisma. Whether it was overcoming the death of 9 people at a concert he promoted in 1991 or overcoming the death of his friend (and most talented artist on his label) Notorious B.I.G. Diddy didn’t stop working. But I believe without his confidence and charisma, his story would of turned out differently.


Last year my goal was to accomplish my 1x1x2011 project. Though I had to borrow a month from 2012, I’m happy that I accomplished it! This year, my goal is to try and put the Law of Diddy into real use in my life. I want to do things no one thinks I can do and do them with confidence. Whether that’s rapping “I’m On a Boat” at a hackathon or writing a book. How do you think you could apply the Law of Diddy in your life?