Google Fiber – 3 Ideas


If you’re in tech you’ve most likely been hearing a lot lately about Google Fiber coming to Kansas City. Google Fiber will bring blazing fast internet (up to 1Gbps) to the KC area. Kansas City is home to an up-and-coming tech scene which has already produced great startups like Zaarly and Aglocal. The addition of Google Fiber provides an awesome boost to the innovation opportunities for the area. Incredible ideas (ie: Ben Barreth’s Hacker Homes) have already started to spring up. As someone who has a special love for Kansas City (I grew up there), I’ve thought a lot about what I would like to see happen as a result of Google Fiber. Without further introduction, here are my 3 ideas.

Telecom Innovations

34,000 people in KC are employed telecom companies, and KC is home to telecom giant Sprint. Kansas City is telecom town. The telecom industry itself can be a bit of a dinosaur, but now with technology like Twilio it’s possible for anyone to start to disrupt the status quo. Combining the telecom thought leadership that already exists in KC with the power technology (and general excitement) of Google Fiber has the potential to result in some incredible things.

A Hub for Mobile Hackers

Mobile development is hard. Mobile developers are hard to find and I don’t know that any tech scene has totally owned mobile. Kansas City based startup Rarewire is already doing it’s part to try and establish KC as a hub for mobile innovation. Google Fiber should provide a new mechanism to attract great hackers to the city, but I was also blown away with the talent I saw at Hack the Midwest in June. There are great hackers in KC already, and the city should do what it can to be intentional about organizing and encouraging this culture. By focusing on mobile innovation, the city has a chance to rally hackers behind a common goal and establish itself in the larger tech world.

A New Kind of Online Advertising

Just the phrase ‘online advertising’ can make people uncomfortable. Can you name an online advertising company (excluding Google) that gives you the warm and fuzzies? Headquartered in KC, AdKnowledge has gone beyond traditional display and search advertising to create a powerful advertising network. I hope other KC startups follow in AdKnowledges footsteps and look at how they can innovate online advertising. Google Fiber opens up all kind of new opportunities for things like rich media advertising. I hope KC is able to take advantage of the opportunity to shift the way the industry operates.