How to Create Something Awesome


At the StartupBus Accelerate NYC unconference I stopped by a discussion about personal branding, and one of the recurring themes was “you have to create something awesome, or else nothing else you do matters.” Hearing this made me start to ponder the question: “How do you create something awesome?” After spending some time trying to break this down, I settled on 3 keys things that I think help in guiding the creation of something awesome.

Solve a Problem

The heart of creating something awesome is solving a problem. Solving a problem doesn’t have to be uptight or stuffy though. Something like boredom could be the problem you’re trying to solve. Solving a problem attracts potential users. If you’re not solving a problem then people won’t be attracted to what you’re doing.

Simple and Clear

Beyond solving a problem, your solution has to be simple and clear. It’s easy to find ourselves trying to explain our idea and saying: “It’s really complicated, not something I can explain in a quick conversation.” If you can’t explain how you’re solving a problem quickly then chances are there’s a problem. The problem could be a product challenge and/or a communication problem. If you’re having an issue with it, you have to realistically face where the problem is at.

Be Interesting

Ok, you’ve solved a problem in a simple and clear way… but to truly create something awesome it has to be interesting. Interesting is subjectively related to an industry. Being generally interesting isn’t the goal, you have to be interesting to the users you’re trying to target. I know companies who are doing things with lead generation or advertising that are extremely interesting to the people that are important to those companies.

I think we can create something awesome by using these criteria and honestly assessing what we’re doing. When I look at the projects that I think are really impressive they seem to nail each one of these ideas. Let’s make it our goal to keep striving to make things awesome!