Today the Twilio family celebrates Alexander Graham Bell (AGB) day. A day to relax and enjoy the history of the telephone’s invention. Before you ask, I’m not entirely sure why we celebrate AGB day on April 3rd which is neither the date of the first phone call or when the patent for the telephone was signed, filed or issued.

On this AGB day, I want to take a moment to invite you all to join the Twilio family for Signal. Signal is a two-day developer conference happening May 19-20, 2015 at Fort Mason Festival Pavilion in San Francisco. Unlike AGB day, which focuses on the history of innovation, Signal is focused on the future. There is no question in my mind that developers have the power to write the code that will create our future. Taking two days away from that important task is a big sacrifice. Let me share a bit why I believe these days will be worth it.

Learn New Things

I’m unbelievably excited to see some talks from the speakers we have lined up for the event. Former Obama for America CTO Harper Reed will be giving one of the keynote talks. You can find the full schedule of breakout sessions online but two sessions I’m not going to miss are Guillermo Rauch (creator of and Kristin Salomon (Electronics Engineer at littleBits). Wondering if there’s a talk for you at Signal? My friend and colleague Kevin Whinnery did a nice job of breaking speakers down by subject matter.

Build New Relationships

Have I mentioned we have a magician speaking at Signal? If you haven’t seen Doug in action prepare to have your mind blown. A lot of the real magic at a conference happens when two people who haven’t met before sit next to each other, learn something new and develop a friendship that extends beyond the conference. It’s our goal to create plenty of these moments at Signal too. These are two days you’ll be spending with men and women who care as much about software development as you do.

Have Fun

Building the future can be hard and we think it’s important to take a step away to decompress. We’ve got They Might Be Giants rocking out at our closing party. I’m especially excited about the evening event that will be happening the first night. We’re calling it $bash and it’s a “Coney Island for Coders”. Play games, earn tickets and exchange those tickets for prizes. Start practicing your skeeball now!

I hope you have a great AGB day and I hope to see you at Signal.